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Capilano Suspension Bridge - Interpretive Centre

This structure, located inside the Capilano Suspension Bridge Theme Park, houses exhibits which provide information to visitors about the history of Capilano canyon. Exhibits cover everything from geology to indigenous peoples, early logging days, and the shingle bolt flume that used to run the length of the canyon.

The building's form is a synthesis of imagery from both old timber mills and wooden bridges. The railings are derived from the kinds of cables used to haul logs about. The materials used - heavy fir timbers and decking - were very much a part of early canyon history.

The exhibit walkway leads towards the canyon edge and a timber terrace, which was also created as part of this project.

In 1994, this project, along with the Entrance and Ticketing Facility, was given an Award of Excellence by the District of North Vancouver for its "significant contribution to the built environment of North Vancouver."

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