Don Stuart Architect

Whistler Cay

This was quite a challenging site. It was located off a cul-de-sac on a bluff. The edge of the road was supported on a fifteen-foot high battered loc block retaining wall. The site began at its base fifteen feet below and immediately fell away at a steep angle. Essentially a scree slope, it was devoid of vegetation save for a thin fringe of trees at its base, which was almost at the far end of the site. The tops of those trees stood not much higher than the top the wall.

Suffice it to say that significant engineering as well as a few conditional approvals were required.

Despite the site challenges, this home was designed for wheelchair accessibility. An elevator connects all levels, each of which also provides a refuge area in case of fire. Primary materials used include basalt, fir logs and timbers, fir windows and cedar siding.

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